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#NoExcuseForAbuse Zoom Backgrounds


During your next Zoom meeting, you can use a custom background to signal that you are willing to help if someone is living with abuse.


***We ask that you only use these Zoom backgrounds after you have completed the first three steps suggested on this website and answered the questions on the Checklist.***

Our gallery contains a variety of backgrounds to choose from.

Some backgrounds contain the Violence at Home hand signal developed by the Canadian Women's Foundation (review their suggestions on how to respond if someone gives the signal). Other custom backgrounds have a simpler message. 


When using a custom Zoom background, think about safety in practical ways.

Is the zoom meeting you are on being recorded? Is everyone aware that personal messages sent through a Zoom meeting can be read by the meeting organizer when the meeting is over? Is the abuser hosting the meeting, in the meeting, or able to see your background? Is the person living with abuse being watched during the meeting? Do you want to have the custom background on for the whole meeting, or flash it up at key moments? If someone makes the Signal For Help, would you be able see it, or are there too many people in the Zoom meeting for you to be able to monitor each screen? These are some things to think about when using this tool.    

Using the #NoExcuseForAbuse Zoom background might lead to someone contacting you after the meeting is over and disclosing abuse.

Please review the guidelines for offering support that we have shared on this website. 

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